SIMPEV is able to supply all the necessary parts for the maintenance and to keep up the efficiency of your vacuum and high vacuum furnace.

Pumps, Spare Parts and Components

Vacuum and High Vacuum Pumps

  • Mechanical Pumps
  • Roots Pumps
  • Cryogenic Pumps
  • Diffusion Pumps
  • Turbomolecular Pumps/li>


    Rigid and flexible graphite felts with various thicknesses

      Washers and tie rods

      Washers in carbon fibre of various diameters and thicknesses and molybdenum tie rods


        Isostatic graphite loops

          Threaded Rods

          Threaded rods made of carbon fibre

            Graphite Nuts

              Pirani Sensor

              Pirani measurement sensors for vacuum and high vacuum


                Pressure Trasducers


                  Special high temperature thermocouples

                    Special seals and O-ring

                    Special seals for vacuum and high vacuum

                      Metal Baskets

                      Metal charging baskets

                        Panels made of carbon fibre

                        Panels made of carbon fibre in various thicknesses to increase the mechanical strength of the insulation, L- and U-profiles made of carbon fibre

                          Machined Graphite

                          Extruded and isostatic machined graphite

                            Graphite heating elements

                            Isostatic graphite heating elements

                              Charge Stands

                              Charge stands made of isostatic graphite

                                Oil for Pumps

                                The oil for vacuum and high vacuum pumps must be periodically replaced to ensure a long life to the pumping system

                                  Penning Sensors

                                  Penning measurement sensors for vacuum and high vacuum


                                    Valves for vacuum and high vacuum

                                      Loops for thermocouples


                                          Ceramic Parts

                                          Ceramic parts for high temperatures

                                            Graphite Baskets

                                            Graphite charging baskets

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